Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, after Kaeli's birthday party I said that we were done with all the parties for a long time...I was wrong. I had my 30th birthday last Friday on the 4th, and I wasn't looking forward to it at all. The 4th came and went, and on the following Monday (Labor Day) my frined Ina and I had a day of shopping in Fresno planned. We headed to Fresno at about 11:00 and both needed to be back by 5:00. She had to go coach baton and I was going to BBQ for Labor Day with my family and our friends...or so I thought. We got home a little late of course, walked in the house and out the back door and boy was I surprised. Elton had asked Tina months prior if she would help him plan a party for my birthday. They did such a great job at everything...with help from lots of others of course. It was beautiful, the food was delicious, dessert incredible (thanks Ana), and best of all our whole family was here along with all of my wonderful friends...even my friend Lanita who came to town from Sacramento. It was great and I was totally surprised. Sometimes I forget how sweet my husband is...very thankful to have him in my life!

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Cox Family said...

Im glad you were surprised.. there for a while i thought I was a horrible friend.. but that Husband of yours really wanted you to love it. im glad you did.. And Happy Birthday again..